Solar Car

The UCI Solar Car team aims to design and build a solar-powered electric vehicle to compete in the American Solar Challenge, a cross-country endurance race.

As a member of the Human Interface team, I am responsible for design, integration, and manufacturing related to braking, steering, and driver interfaces.


I designed the dashboard assembly, which consists of a gooseneck mount and electronics encapsulation. I choose to use a flexible gooseneck wire which mounts directly onto the chassis. This is a lightweight solution that allows for maximum adjustability so that the driver can position the screen in the most comfortable and easily visible orientation. The 3D printed electronics encapsulation houses the monitor screen, raspberry pi, and additional electronics.

Pedal Box

I designed the pedal plate, which disperses the forces from the driver pressing the pedals onto the aluminum belly pan. This was a simple component, so I made sure to minimize the manufacturing and assembly complexity.

Hand Brake System

I designed the handbrake system, opting for hydraulic brake lines. I was able to halve the weight and cost of the system by using only a single line to the rear left wheel (rather than to both rear wheels), which turns out to provide enough braking force required by the competition’s regulations.